Perform at Elementz

If you are a DJ, MC, graff artist or b-boy / b-girl crew and would like to be considered for performing at future Elementz events, email us with one link only.

We will not look through multiple links, so make it your best one, whether an official website, a youtube channel or your overall soundcloud account (we dont need several specific track links, just the one to your user). We are unlikely to look through a Facebook page.

Do not send any attachments, they will be automatically deleted.

With your link, tell us your name, where you’re from and also let us know which US and UK hip hop artists you’re rating right now who haven’t already been mentioned on this website

Straightforward enough. If we like what we see, we’ll hit you back. Enquiries should be sent to and in the heading write “Performer Request & your name”

If you’re more into grime, hardcore rap, dubstep, d&b, commercial r&b etc, this probably wont be a night for you.

Note that Elementz is planned as a quarterly event, ie every 3 months, so availability of performer slots is likely to be limited



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